5 Top Tips for Choosing Limos for Your Happy Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a very enjoyable and painful experience. From choosing your caterer, DJ, date, venue, to creating the invitations for the wedding, the process can be time consuming, tiring and very frustrating.

Often the last thing that engaged couples plan, wedding transportation is perhaps one of the most important things to plan for. No matter the kind of plans in place, it will always depend on your guests arriving at the venue of the wedding, and on time too!

You can decide to use any type of vehicle for your wedding, but limos are a fantastic way to arrive and depart in style. Weddings usually happen ones in a lifetime, and you wouldn’t want to ruin your special day by choosing just any type of limo service for your wedding transportation.

Whatever your transportation needs are for your wedding, here are some tips to help you choose the limo that is perfect to make your wedding truly special and unique.

Check for Safety

Safety should be top on your top list of priorities when hiring a limo service for your wedding. You should ensure that the company is certified accordingly. It is also important to ask if they carry liability insurance- every legitimate company should have an insurance cover. You should also ask about their drivers (all companies should have Class B drivers). Do they conduct adequate tests on prospective drivers? How intensive is the training of drivers? Do they carry out periodic checks on their drivers for drugs and alcohol? All these are questions to ask to ensure that you choose a high-quality limo service that cares about safety.

Consider the Number of Passengers

Before deciding on the type of limousine service to use, you should know the exact number of passengers that needs to be transported to the wedding. This is very important if you must avoid last minute reservations because of an additional number of people that have to be transported. It is also important to know the number of passengers so that you can decide on how many limos you need to hire for your wedding. Making reservations for more than the limos you need is not very wise; not only is it a waste of time, it might be difficult to cancel reservations.

Ask To See the Vehicles

It is not uncommon for companies to promote and sell vehicles that they do not own or even offer photographs of the vehicles as they were when they were brand new. Don’t let a badly maintained vehicle ruin your special day. Not every company maintains their vehicles in the same way. Hence, you might be getting an entirely different vehicle from the one you thought earlier. After you have decided on which limo service to use, it is better to ask to come by and take a look at their vehicles before making any reservations. By this way, you can avoid any kind of surprises that will cause embarrassments on your wedding day.

Book In Advance

It is advisable to make reservations for your wedding transportation sooner rather than later. It is good to book your transportation around 6 to 8 months in advance of your wedding. Once the date, locations of hotels, ceremony, reception and the size of the expected guests have been confirmed and finalized, you are equipped with everything you need to make adequate and proper reservations for the wedding transportation. The benefit of early reservation is that it helps you to avoid any last minute inconveniences that might arise. Another benefit is the possibility of discounts. Different companies have discounts, and discounts are provided for people who make early reservations.

Consider the Price

While some couples have an unlimited budget to spend on whatever type of limo they desire, the majority do not.  If your budget is fixed, you should consider choosing a limousine that fits your budget perfectly. It is not necessarily the case that you have to use up your wedding budget just to hire a limousine. There are lots of affordable options you can choose, but this depends largely on the company you choose to use for your wedding transport. Before making any final decision, you should first, consider the total budget available for your wedding, and ensure that other equally important things have been taken care of.


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