A timeline of Newcastle


1080 A fort was built to protect travellers who crossed the Tyne by the Normans and a small town started it’s life just outside the fort.

1216 Newcastle’s mayor is talked about for the first time.

13th Century Spices and wine are now brought into the country and wool and coal are exported, wool being the most important.

1294 Walls are erected to protect Newcastle and a new industry begins in Newcastle, the ship building industry begin its life.

1400 Newcastle has a 4,000 population and becomes a county.

1500 Coal overtakes wool as the biggest export, and the total tonnage of coal exported is 15,000, which is incredible for those days.

1539 The friaries close in Newcastle

1600 10,000 people live in Newcastle

1644 Newcastle captured by Roundheads

1650 Newcastle’s biggest export grows to 400k tons – its coal!!

1658 The latest Guildhall is constructed

1711 Newcastle prints its very first newspaper

1736 Building continues of important buildings, there are now Assembly Rooms

1750 Now 20,000 people in Newcastle

1751 The first infirmary is constructed

1755 The first bank arrives

1763 Oil lamps light up Newcastle for the first time

1773 Construction of a new Tyne bridge begins – ends in 1781

1788 The Theatre Royal is constructed for the first time

1801 Now 28,000 people

1818 Now Newcastle has gas lamps

1825-1840 Newcastle centre is rebuilt

1832 306 people die of Cholera in Newcastle

1838 Carlisle railway is built

1844 St Mary’s church is constructed

1848 More Cholera deaths, this time 412 people die

1851 Now 87,000 people

1853 More Cholera deaths, 1,533 people this time

1873 Leazes Park is open to the public

1876 The first swing bridge begins construction

1878 Newcastle’s public library opens

1879 Trams start in Newcastle, pulled by horses

1880 Brandling Park is open to the public

1882 Newcastle is a city at last !! St Nichols’s church is made a cathedral. The first shop anywhere in the known universe has electricity to light it and its in Newcastle!!

1900 Redneugh Road Bridge opens

1901 Now 215,000 people live in Newcastle. New trams start and are electric. Laing Art Gallery is now open to the people of Newcastle.

1906 King Edward VII bridge is finished and is a railway bridge

1909 Newcastle’s first cinema opens

1925 Hatton Gallery is begun

1928 Tyne Bridge , the suspension bridge begins construction

1956 The Shefton Museum is open to the public

1963 Newcastle University begins

1968 The new Civic Centre and Central Library opens

1969 Newcastle Polytechnic is here too!!

1976 Eldon Square Shopping Centre is now available!!

1983 Newcastle Military Museum is here

1986 Stephenson Railway Museum opens its doors

1988 Newcastle Arts Centre

1992 Monument Mall Shopping Centre

2001 Millennium Bridge

2002 Baltic Art Centre

Wow what a list of achievements for Newcastle, Jarrow, Gateshead, Whitley Bay and Sunderland have grown in importance in the area.

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